Valhalla wind park, Tönsen, Ruotsi

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Peikko has delivered Gravity Foundation Technology for the Valhalla Wind Park, located in central part of Sweden. The project includes 85 wind turbines manufactured by Vestas with a hub height of 112 meters

The deliveries of Peikko’s solution comprise of steel components for the foundation. Peikko is also responsible for the foundation design and structural calculations. Completion of the wind farm is expected in the spring of 2020.

The developer of the project OX2 executes the project along with the German investment service company Aquila Capital. Peikko served its solution for 27 wind turbines located in the municipality of Bollnäs.

Empower PN Oy is one of the major sub-contractors responsible for the ground work and foundations on the Tönsen site.

The total facility will comprise 85 wind turbines from Vestas, model V136 4.2 MW, each with a tip height of 180 meters. Total capacity of Valhalla Wind Park is 366 MW together with the expected annual electricity production of 1,1 TWh. Therefore, Valhalla is possible to be recognized as one of the largest onshore wind parks in Europe.

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OX2 and Aquila Capital
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