Omniva Logistics Center, Kaunas, Liettua

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In Kaunas’ Free Economic Zone, Omniva has built a parcel sorting terminal on a 9-hectare plot. The terminal building covers an area of over 22,000 square meters, equivalent to three football stadiums! Over 40 million euros were invested in constructing this state-of-the-art parcel sorting terminal, which is the most modern in the Baltic countries. Part of this investment was allocated to creating modern office spaces, where approximately 70 administrative employees from Kaunas will relocate.

The technical and structural design of the project was prepared by the engineering team from Peikko Lietuva. Peikko also handled the production and installation of steel structures, as well as the supply and installation of load-bearing profiled flooring. The project included the following components: 300 meters of DELTABEAM® Composite Beams, 560 cubic meters of foundation structures, 1300 cubic meters of precast reinforced concrete structures, and 390 tons of steel structures.


The biggest challenge encountered during construction was the tight schedule of design and construction. The warehouse section’s structure (approximately 19,000 m²) was assembled within a very short two-month period. Achieving this was made possible by selecting engineering solutions during the design phase, such as continuous 24-meter trusses, minimizing welded joints in the construction area, and opting for bolted connections and other rational solutions. The warehouse roof deck was designed as a diaphragm, ensuring the building’s stability along with vertical ties. Additionally, a large-span (9×12 meters) mezzanine floor was designed within the warehouse area. The mezzanine structure consists of double composite beams with openings for engineering services and composite floor slabs.


The use of precast composite columns supplied for the first time to the Lithuanian market by Peikko played a crucial role in the construction of administrative building. These columns allowed the project to avoid on-site concrete pouring, significantly speeding up the construction process. Additionally, 12-meter-long aesthetic box beams were designed for the atrium skylight, enhancing both functionality and visual appeal. Furthermore, impressive double-flight atrium stairs were incorporated into the design.


This showcases the expertise of designers from Peikko Lietuva in creating and manufacturing non-standard products, providing clients not only with exceptional solutions but also with efficient installation and high-quality service.

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We thank Peikko Lietuva designers who designed the steel and reinforced concrete structures for the Omniva LT parcel sorting terminal. In the design process it was aimed to replace the welded joints to bolted joints in order to simplify and speed up the installation of the frame, which in the end significantly shortened the construction period of the facility.   We are delighted that by collaborating with the Peikko Lietuva team, the construction works of the building were successfully completed with quality and on time.

Alvydas Černys, Head of Technology Process, Conres LT

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