Høje-Taastrup Town Hall, Høje-Taastrup, Tanska

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New iconic landmark and meeting point will bind Høje-Taastrup together.

The town hall for Høje-Taastrup will be 9 storeys and is designed as a landscape tower that addresses the park and the citizens in a warm and welcoming way.

The building is surrounded by a terrace, sun deck, and living areas on the first-floor plateau. The stairs are designed as activity stairs that invite  play, activities, and recreational stay. By placing the roof terrace at the top of the building, the town hall becomes not only a visible landmark but also an excursion destination and vantage point, that invites the whole city inside and makes the visit to the town hall a memorable experience.

The town hall is designed by PLH Architects together with ALL – Atelier Lorentzen Langkilde and built by Casa with COWI as consulting engineers.

DELTABEAM® was an obvious choice for the construction to achieve a slim floor solution, to make the floor height as slim as possible. To achieve a fast and simple installation, facade beams were supplied with an extended base plate welded to the formwork. For openings in stairs and shafts, PETRA® Hollowcore Slabs were chosen.

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The cooperation has been good throughout the process. Especially during the design phase, Peikko has been extremely professional and been a great help in making a main project which can be built. They were good at finding solutions in cooperation with us and the consultants. Throughout the process, I have never doubted that Peikko was on our team.

Jens Ashoya Jørgensen - Project manager - CASA

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9580 m2
Kerrosten lukumäärä:
Høje-Taastrup Kommune
PLH, ALL - Atelier Lorentzen, Langkilde (ALL)
Boligbeton A/S

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