Henan Yuanyang Yellow River Beach Relocation Project, Xinxiang, Kiina

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Yellow River beach is an integral part of the Yellow River channel. It is not only the place for flood discharge, flood detention and sediment settling of the Yellow River, but also the basic space for people's production and living in the area. 

At present, there are three state-level poverty-stricken counties, two provincial-level poverty-stricken counties and 52,800 registered poverty-stricken people in the Yellow River beach area of Henan Province. "Three mountains and one beach" has become one of the poverty-stricken areas in the province.

In accordance with the decision and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council, National Development and Reform Commission(NDRC) has approved the Plan for Relocation and Construction of Residents in Yellow River Beach Area of Henan Province.

According to flood control needs and local conditions, 243,200 low-lying and dangerous residents in the Yellow River beach area of Henan province will be relocated in three years from 2017 to 2019, and the relocation will be completed by 2020.

Henan Yuanyang Yellow River Beach Relocation Project is the first project of the province's Yellow River beach area situation relocation project.

According to the requirements of the provincial party Committee and the provincial government, the county needs 3 years to relocate 24 villages, 7,155 households, 26,441 people, involving 6 towns and villages. The first start is guanchang township's 8 villages, 1676 households, 6009 people relocation work.

The project is located in Sanhezhuang and Huangsi village, north of the Yellow River Dike, covering an area of 353,000 square meters with a total investment of nearly 600 million yuan.

The main construction content includes housing project, infrastructure project and public service facility project. Among them, 1688 multi-storey residentials(a total construction area of 210,000 ㎡), the road community of 73,000 ㎡, the green area of 126,000 ㎡, the middle school, elementary school, kindergarten, a community service center, nursing homes, weddings, funerals auditorium and a service supporting facilities were built, also has commercial shops along the street and other places of business planning. Complete infrastructure and public service facilities provide a good living environment for the relocated people.

The project was designed by Henan Zhongke Architectural Planning and Design Institute and constructed by Xinpu Group. It has been built into a modern comprehensive town with perfect functions, beautiful environment, convenient transportation and integration of industries and cities, which has completely improved the working and living conditions of the people in the beach area.

The assembly rate of the project is 100%, and the single assembly rate is more than 30%. The main structure is shear wall structure, and all the external walls use sandwich insulation wall, and the connection system uses Peikko's sandwich panel connectors. Other types of precast components include precast stairs and precast internal partitions.

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