DFDS Marmormolen, København, Tanska

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DFDS' new headquarter at Marmormolen in Copenhagen is an 8-storey office building consisting of approx. 11,800 m² office area and 1000 m² basement.

The building is constructed with prefabricated elements consisting of DELTABEAM® Frame, hollow core slabs and stabilizing concrete walls.

The use of DELTABEAM® Frame made it possible for the contractor NCC to assemble the shell of the building much faster than when using a traditional system. Continuous composite columns combined with DELTABEAM® Composite Beams on consoles formed the basis for the quick assembly.

Vertical wall joints were carried out with SUMO® Wall Shoes and HPM® Anchor Bolts.

The construction will be classified according to the certification scheme DGNB Guld, which guarantees that the property meets the highest standards in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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The system seemed simple and easy to work with in the entire process. Due to the 2- and 3-storey high composite columns, the frame system gave us a clear advantage, already in assembly planning, as the system provided a great flexibility in relation to the utilization of crane time and manpower.

Mathias Bille, Production manager NCC

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12.800 m2
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Pensiondanmark P/S DFDS
NCC Danmark A/S
NCC Danmark A/S
PLH Arkitekter A/S
Boligbeton A/S

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