BHC Apartments, Sutton Street – Redcliffe Queensland, Redcliffe Queensland, Australia

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The BHC Apartments development in Redcliffe, Queensland, is an ongoing project. The builder's primary requirement was to identify a dependable and efficient connection system that could fulfill the project's specific needs.  Additionally, builders employing traditional methods might encounter issues such as installation complications or concerns regarding the long-term durability of the structure.  They desired a supplier capable of providing high-quality products and comprehensive engineering support to effectively address these challenges.

After consulting with the Peikko team, BHC (the builder) chose to replace the planned conventional method of slab/core/landing connection with the Peikko ADJUSTA connection system.  The key reason for this change was the numerous benefits it offered compared to the conventional approach, including enhanced flexibility, simplified installation, and improved overall structural performance. Furthermore, the Peikko PSB® Punching Shear Reinforcement solution utilized in the project provides increased shear resistance, ensuring the stability and safety of the structure.

To date, Peikko has supplied connections for all levels above ground.

In the 1st transfer slab (with a thickness of 650 mm), Peikko delivered PSB® rails consisting of over 3000 double-headed studs (with a diameter of N24 mm), and in typical levels (slab depths 200mm - 240mm), PSB® Punching Reinforcement was supplied in a standard N12 mm profile.

ADJUSTA Joint Reinforcement provides continuity of reinforcement across the three building cores, all with in-situ slabs, by overlapping the threaded bars with an equal amount of main slab reinforcement.  Therefore, we have provided a diverse range of ferrule anchors and threaded bars from N12 to N25, all in 150 mm/200 mm and 300 mm spaced increments.

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Basement, Ground, Level 1-6

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