Mondi Syktyvkar Paper Factory, Syktyvkar, Venäjä

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Mondi Syktyvkar is one of the leaders in the Russian pulp and paper industry and the largest domestic paper producer.

It is a subsidiary of "Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper" (Mondi Group).

Founded in 1969, the mill is fully integrated across the entire production cycle - from wood harvesting to shipment of finished goods to a customer.The annual output of the mill exceeds 1.1 million tons of high-quality competitive products including office, offset and newsprint paper, containerboard, and market pulp.

Mondi Syktyvkar regularly invests in upgrade of production capacities.While upgrading the сustomer used Peikko's HPM® and PPM®. Peikko's products got the highest marks of the client as reliable solution.

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АО "Монди СЛПК"

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